Tips when working from home

29 May 2019

When I started working from home last year, I was very excited to sleep a little later, have more time for cooking and experimenting with new dishes. And of course, working when I wanted to work.

Very soon however I discovered that I was spending more time doing "admin" tasks than working on my brand or client tasks. Things like vacuuming, grocery shopping and KonMari-ing my closet. It took me a few months to get my act together, but here are a few tips that I now live by to ensure that I finish my work on time and still have enough time for me-time.

  1. Get dressed: At the very least put a bra on and brush your teeth.
  2. Ergonomics: It took 3 physio appointments to release the knots in my neck and back. Since I've switched chairs, my back is a lot better
  3. Do not watch Netflix during lunch time. It can be very hard to get back to work. (the same goes for YouTube)
  4. Eat that frog: When things are slow, we tend to procrastinate even more. Rather sit down and get the work done, and then go off and enjoy an afternoon at the beach (which, bonus, is a free activity)
  5. Keep the work area neat: I tend to procrastinate by cleaning. So when I need to work, I remove all my visible distractions so I won't be tempted to clean
  6. Meal prepping: This is another dangerous one for me. I love to cook and can easily end up spending more time cooking than working. By making sure that there are quick meals in the fridge, I reduce my time away from my desk
  7. Go outside: I left my apartment one afternoon to meet a friend and realised it was the first time in 4 days that I was outside. This isn't healthy. Take a break, take a walk. (Another great reason to put clothes on in the morning is that you now have no excuse to not leave the house) :)
  8. Be kind to yourself, you're probably working from home for a reason: Spending more time with your family, spending more time with yourself, health reasons, etc. Whatever your reason, know that no one has it fully figured out and who doesn't enjoy working in their pajamas. The trick is not to turn it into a habit.


Adri's personal mantra is "get stuff done" and she's got a knack for converting big scary projects with looming deadlines into much more manageable and achievable bite-size chunks.